Carlee Wilson

Hey, I'm a writer!

Carlee (she/her) is a late 80's baby raised on 90's Rugrats, Eggo waffles, and a bright yellow Sony Walkman, which her parents only provided 90s R&B cassettes for. Born in the Pacific Northwest, Carlee thinks of herself as mostly a Seattle girl, but admits to liking Dunkin' Donuts more than Starbucks. She now lives in rural Georgia where she is a misfit cat lady, mostly by choice. She enjoys thunderstorms, local libraries, and watching re-runs of Project Runway.


Carlee received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a minor in German from Western Washington University in 2014. In 2020, she completed her Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen's University Belfast, where she discovered that a pandemic quarantine in a UK/Irish country with nothing but writing to do was her version of living her best life. Upon returning to the U.S., Carlee worked for Stacey Abrams' campaign for Governor of Georgia. 


While an undergrad at WWU, Carlee had the opportunity to work as the Associate Editor of Non-Fiction for the 50th edition of the university's literary journal, Jeopardy Magazine. She volunteers her time as a Creative Editor of Ethnography for the Irish Journal of Anthropology and is a long-time communications committee member for her tribe, the Chinook Indian Nation. 


Carlee's written work has been published in Jeopardy Magazine and The Confluence Project's Voices of the River Journal

Find Carlee on Instagram and Twitter: @thewritecarlee

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